talisa chang | product communications strategist

• I help businesses articulate their mission, product vision, and brand voice. 

• I work across teams to develop a clear narrative throughout the customer journey. 

• As a copywriter, I collaborate with product managers, designers, engineers, user researchers, and data analysts to create simple and delightful user experiences. 

• As a marketer, I help execute campaigns across email, social, paid acquisition, events, radio, and video. 

• I work quickly, thoughtfully, and cross-functionally.

• I'm at my best when thinking strategically and executing around the details

I've worked on projects across journalism, health care, the freelance marketplace, #Occupy, veterans, financial planning, mobile, social, big data, location, gamification, local recommendations, e-commerce, crowd funding, public art, social impact, food, drones, science, South Africa, and the Southwest. I'm always hungry to learn and do more.

Johannesburg born and California raised, I'm currently based in Brooklyn, where you can also find me  bringing journalistas together, sharing South African street food, and planning science road trips.



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