talisa chang | product communications strategist

A product and marketing copywriter, I thrive in roles where I can think strategically, collaborate meaningfully, and execute around the details. I've got a history of cross-functional roles at scaling startups and civic-minded endeavors, from Foursquare to Occupy. 

At a high level, I help businesses articulate their mission, product vision, and brand voice. Then I help translate their story throughout the customer journey – from acquisition, to onboarding, to engagement and retention. 

I work with product managers, designers, engineers, ux researchers, and data analysts to craft clear user experiences. I help marketing teams create landing pages, make data-driven decisions, and execute campaigns across email, paid acquisition, events, radio, and video. 

Whatever the task at hand, I'm always looking for opportunities to reframe, simplify, and delight.

Johannesburg born and California raised, I'm currently based in Brooklyn, where you can also find me  bringing journalistas together, sharing South African street food, and planning science road trips.



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